Alaska Gold & Resort

Akau is located next to Anvil Creek  just 7 miles north of Nome, Alaska.  Anvil Creek is the site of gold discovered in the summer of 1898, by Alaska gold prospectors who became known as The “Three Lucky Swedes”:  Norwegian-American Jafet Lindbergh, and two naturalized American citizens of Swedish birth, Erik Lindblom and John Brynteson.  The discovery of gold in 1898 led to the development of the Nome Mining District. Some of the largest nuggets ever found in history were discovered on Anvil Creek in the early 1900’s.  Akau has several claims to work in 2014 leased from other owners.   Over 3 million ounces of gold have been recovered from the Nome Mining District since the 1898 gold discovery.   

The topography of the area consists mainly of Alaskan tundra where tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons.  The optimal months for visitors begins June 1st through Labor Day Weekend in September.   Temperatures peak in mid/late July, with a July average of 52.6 °F (11.4 °C).  Daytime temperatures average below freezing starting in mid-October.





Pictorial History of Krutzsch Mining